Any time you undergo medical treatment, it is essential to find a doctor who is knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy. When undergoing plastic surgery, especially on your face, it is even more critical to select a Facial Plastic Surgeon who can provide a comfortable experience and the aesthetic outcomes you want – after all, the results of your surgery will be displayed on the most visible part of your body.

Those considering facial plastic surgery can find a wealth of information and other useful resources through the California Society of Facial Plastic Surgery. The CSFPS is California’s largest specialty association, representing plastic and reconstructive surgeons in the state that focus on surgery involving the face, head and neck. All CSFPS members are board-certified and have had more comprehensive training in facial surgery than any other medical specialty.

I’m Considering Facial Plastic Surgery in California – Now What? Visit the CSFPS website to find out more about the procedure you are considering. A great deal can be learned about surgery through online research using a trusted source. Our Procedures page is a valuable resource for information on several surgical procedures and cosmetic treatments. These guides can help you understand what each procedure entails to make a more educated decision about whether a particular surgery is the right choice for you. If you choose to move forward with the process, the next step is to evaluate surgeons in your area.

Finding a Plastic Surgeon in California

Choose a physician that specializes in facial plastic surgery and who has extensive experience in your desired procedure. Facial plastic surgeons spend five or six years in postgraduate surgical training that incorporates specialty training in head, neck and facial plastic surgery. These specialists perform most of the elective facial plastic surgery procedures in the United States.

The CSFPS Find A Surgeon tool is an excellent starting point for researching qualified surgeons near you. CSFPS surgeons must meet rigorous standards to qualify for membership. These standards include extensive training and board certification, as well as a demonstration of artistic ideals, high ethical standards, commitment to humanitarian service and a desire to enhance the quality of human life.

What to Look for: Education

A primary variable to consider when searching for a surgeon is the doctor’s education and training. Find out where your prospective surgeon completed medical school and their residency and look for specialty training in facial plastic surgery. Association with highly regarded institutions can be a sign that a surgeon is qualified to perform their job, though it is not a conclusive indicator and should not be your only consideration. CSFPS member profiles contain information about a surgeon’s educational background, including their medical school, undergraduate institution, residency and internships.

What to Look for: Certifications and Memberships

Surgeons who take the time to become board-certified have completed years of training, proven competence by passing a rigorous examination and demonstrated high standards for safety and ethics. The American Board of Otolaryngology typically certifies facial plastic surgeons, a board recognized by The American Board of Medical Specialties. Otolaryngology training focuses specifically on the face, head and neck. CSFPS member profiles display a surgeon’s board certifications, along with their membership to any professional associations and societies.

What to Look for: Honors and Awards

Has your prospective surgeon demonstrated exceptional skill in their specialty? Awards and honors are used to recognize surgeons who excel in their chosen field. When they come from reputable sources, these recognitions can be good indicators of a surgeon’s competency. You can find a list of a surgeon’s honors and awards, as well as additional accomplishments like lectures, media appearances and published papers, on their CSFPS profile.

What to Look for: Results

Facial plastic surgery requires a keen aesthetic eye and a commitment to customization. Your surgeon must not only complete your procedure safely and effectively, but they must also do it per your goals and in a manner that is flattering to your unique facial features. It is essential to choose a surgeon whose aesthetic sense aligns with yours. Review before and after photos from previous patients to determine which surgeons are most likely to produce results that appeal to you. CSFPS profiles include a before and after gallery to help you make your decision.

What to Look for: Other Factors

Not everything that goes into a successful surgery can be quantified. When choosing a plastic surgeon, you’ll want to consider some intangible factors along with their credentials. Ask your friends, family members and community to share their experiences, both positive and negative, with different surgeons. Word of mouth can be a useful tool as you begin your search.

You will also want to evaluate the personal experience you have with a surgeon and their staff. Are they welcoming, attentive, responsive and helpful? Do they explain the procedure thoroughly and answer your questions? Do you feel safe in their care? These factors play an essential role in the quality of your experience. Attend a consultation with any surgeon you are considering for your procedure. Click “Find a Surgeon” to discover qualified surgeons in your area. The contact information and ‘Schedule a Consultation’ button on every CSFPS profile makes it easy to take the next step.